Friday, July 10, 2009

Still Counting Down...

你好, Ni hao (say, nee how)

13 days to go.
This week has been extremely busy, but I've finally wrapped my head around the very real fact that I'll be gone soon. I look in the mirror and shudder at how my hair will look in a few months- a truly scary thought!
On a lighter note, Allison has been bombarding me with questions about our trip. My favorites are - "Mom, how will I know what the cartoons are saying?" or "Mom, will I still be able to listen to the radio at night?" or perhaps best of all, "Mommy, how will we be able to stay awake all night in China, won't it be hard?" (This after I explained that there is a 12-hour time difference). She is constantly looking at the globe in the living room and is convinced that we should "hop over" to India to visit her buddy Jasmine's grandparents. She pointed to India on the globe and said, "See, it's right next to China!".

Finally, I am looking forward to fully enjoying my last days. I over-plan every detail! Always! It's a real problem! This weekend, I plan to attend my neighbors fabulous pig roast, get incredibly inebriated, eat way too much and then sleep till noon on Sunday- then its off to a week of exams! Next weekend, I am hosting an un-birthday party for Allison (she doesn't turn 7 until August 1st) and attending my own going away party. Two parties, two days in a row-whew!

Some things however, never change- as of tonight, I STILL have not begun packing!


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