Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roaming The Streets

Greetings All,
Well it's Tuesday in Shanghai. We woke up early (2 am- no surprises there!) and waited for 3 hours until sunrise. By 8 am, we were so tired that we fell asleep again!

When we got up again at 10am, it was raining heavily but I decided we should go outside and explore nonetheless. We walked down the main street in our district and balancing umbrella and camera, started to look for breakfast. I had convinced Alli that we would be able to find some of the green onion pancakes that she loved so much during our last last breakfast expedition. I was wrong- but only because it was too late in the morning by the time we had begun our search.

The world certainly seemed to be a more accommodating place now that we didn't have the burden of a hundred pieces of luggage- even if it was raining! We walked about 11 blocks, looking at various street vendors and their offerings, but I didn't feel like eating roasted feet, chins or ears of anything. We came across a Chinese bookstore, 书店 (shu dian, say shoo deean) and decided to go inside- the product of my curiosity and Alli's strong desire to get out of the rain.

We bought several books (Chinese language learning texts) and even got a free pencil for Allison! We asked the proprietor for suggestions for a good (clean) place to eat. She pointed to a place we passed earlier and said that it was a very good place for us to eat. So we went...it was great! I'll post pics later, but believe me when I call it a "diamond in the rough". We took home over half our meal, there was so much food that there was no need for us to go out for dinner later.

We walked home and stopped at a small department store to pick up a few essentials. We bought bread, juice, butter, cleaning supplies, juice, and some snacks. I took a pic of all the stuff we got- they cost just $12 USD!

After all this shopping and walking we were tired, so we went straight home and took a "nap". Yes, bed at 4pm!


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